Customer service

Good experience with customer service is a very important part of the customer satisfaction influencing sharply the business succes.

  • Country localized customer services

  • Highest quality standards, on-line reporting

  • Phone/chat/e-mail handling

  • Active telemarketing available


E-commerce is powered by trust. To earn trust localisation is essential. We have experience in localisation websites and advertisements in the eastern regions.

  • Online advertising

  • Expert website check (by local consumers)

  • Marketplaces

  • Social media planning


To have a smooth and successful business on the markets, respective local legal requirements and  habits should be followed. We can help you with:

  • Terms and conditions and privacy policy’s

  • Sourcing and contract creation support

  • Legal aspects related to bookkeeping and administration

  • Support by local authorities


Correct and speedy delivery to the end customers, right selection of the last mile partner and payment method are the critical points in customer satisfaction journey as well as in the company results.

  • Local warehouse serving multiple countries

  • COD supported (pay the postman)

  • Speedy delivery

  • Help with right last mile partner selection

Translations/ copywriting

Right localization of the webpage or other materials is one of the key factors of the business success. We can help you to make your web/ materials fitting not only from the language point of view, but as well to contribute with a right local content and spirit to feel really local.

  • Website translation

  • Copywriting

  • Local content creation

We help you succeed in central and eastern Europe!

We offer our services in:
Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Slovakia.

Petr and Bohous founders of Disopa

Each region has its specifics even if we are a part of one Europe

Central and eastern region is specific due to the different history and customs coming from the communist time. To succeed on these markets requires to follow some roles and habits, they may not be usual in western Europe. We can help you to overcome these differences and make your business successful in the eastern region. It is worth to invest into high growing markets. Let us guide you here and start to build a together success!

Petr Steiner & Bohumil Karafiat

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